How A Major Hotel Chain is increasing their DPO through innovative vendor financing?


  • CredAble’s client- A Major Hotel Chain wanted to increase their efficiency of cash flow and working capital management by increasing their Days Payable Outstanding from the current 30 days to 60 days without hurting vendor relationships.

Key Goals

  • Enable Vendor Financing across ALL their vendors
  • Ensure an easy and efficient process of funding for their vendors without the need of security, collateral or extensive paperwork
  • Enable instant, affordable funding for vendors

Game plan

  • The client evaluated several vendor financing options including traditional banking channel partnerships, RBI Mandated Invoice Factoring platform- Treds and other early payment platform providers and ultimately chose to partner with CredAble.

    Here were their key findings during the evaluation process.

Value Proposition of CredAble


  • The partnership with CredAble enabled guaranteed Vendor Financing across ALL their vendors
  • Vendors were in complete control of the discount they offer and the timeline for early payment
  • Seamless integration with the client’s AP process to ensure rapid adoption and go-to market
  • They could convince their large vendors to accept delayed payment terms of 60-75 days without any increase in their procurement costs

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